Protecting da copyright

After the now famous Richard Ridyard saga (read all about it on Angel Zapata’s blog if you somehow missed it Here) I decided that I would take some steps to prevent the theft of any of my stories by Mr Ridyard or any other dirtbag that is incapable of articulating their own and so feels the need to steal.

So I have spent an hour this morning registering all of my stories and blog posts with in the attempt to prevent anything like this happening to little old me.

Will it do any good? Well, probably not. Thieves and idiots rarely take notice of things like this – as the example of Mr Ridyard proves (what kind of idiot steals from Stephen King?? Did he not think anyone would notice? Did he think that Mr Kings lawyers will not track him down and ream him a new arse?)

Still, it gives me a little peace of mind that in the unlikely event of another person being that stupid, I have all my work registered somewhere as belonging to me.


~ by graemereynolds on October 21, 2009.

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