WHC 2010 – Day 2 Report

Yesterday was the first full day at the convention for me, and it did not disappoint.
The day started off with a panel on the pro’s and cons of working without royalties. There were some really interesting stories from the likes of Tim Lebbon and Yvonne Navarro about some of the novelisations that they had worked on, and some of the problems they had experienced.
Following that, I caught Tanith Lee talking about her career, and some of the issues she experiences when writing. Its nice to hear that someone as prolific and successful as her still has to deal with the same problems as the rest of us.
After lunch I listened to Brian Lumley read a short story and hold a Q&A session. Bit of a fan boy moment for me if I am honest – I have loved the Necroscope books for about twenty years. Fortunately kept my mouth shut during the Q&A so did not embarrass myself 🙂
Inspired by being in a hotel full of like minded people, I managed to hammer out another 1500 words on my novel, before heading into a creative writing class held by novellist Paul Mcauley. This was really useful – I especially found the advice about presenting horror tropes in new ways, useful. This was spoiled only slightly by one of the other course attendees – a woman that felt morally obliged to talk out of her arse every chance she got (werewolves are offensive to women because the full moon monster is a metaphor for the menstrual cycle???)and in some instances, shout down Mr Mcauley. Only just managed to keep my mouth shut. I may not be so polite today…
In the evening, after spending some time chatting in the bar to several people (including Ed from Cafe Doom and Thomas Emson) I ended up listening to Conrad Williams, Thomas Emson and Benjamin Kane Ethridge reading sections from their next novels that are not yet released.
Finished the night up at a book launch party with a free bar – a distinctly surreal experience where I got to watch the likes of Michael Knost and Simon Clarke dancing to old 1980’s pop music. Got to bed at 3am – had 5 hours sleep and feel better than I have for the last week. No hangover…at all. hmmmm

Loving it so far 🙂


~ by graemereynolds on March 27, 2010.

One Response to “WHC 2010 – Day 2 Report”

  1. Awesome Graeme! It’s amazing you are still able to write while floating on cloud nine. I’m not sure I would be able too.

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