WHC 2010 – Day 3 Report

My claims of no hangover after day two may have been somewhat premature. I was fine at 8am, but by 10 was feeling decidedly worse for wear.
Sat in on a great panel about self promoting your stuff, but then had to retreat to a darkened room for an hour, consequently missing the hour long informal chat and coffee with Brian Lumley that I had signed up for.

Dragged my sorry carcass out for the Kelley Armstrong Kaffeeklatsch however, at 12.
That was a particularly surreal experience (ontop of all of the others) – me and nine other people in a room with an extremely successful author that I am a big fan of. At the start, no one seemed to know what to say, but Kelley was so friendly and easy going that everyone soon relaxed and spent a great hour talking to her about her writing, what processes she followed for plotting, how she got into the industry and the mess that they made of the I am Legend movie. There were a few writers in the room, and she asked us about our projects too. The lady was an absolute star.

As I was at the coffee session, I managed to miss the James Herbert interview – conducted by none other than Mr Neil Gaimen who was a surprise mystery guest. I am reliably informed that the interview was fantastic. It can be hard when so many amazing things are going on to pick and choose what to sit in on, but I have no regrets.

The second part of the writing workshop in the afternoon was extremely useful, although the class gobshite was again on form – barbed sarcastic comments bounced off skin like rhino hide until a lady called Fizz politely and eloquently suggested that we should not constantly interrupt and talk over Mr Mcauley, which got things back on track.

In the evening I made my way across to the Bram Stoker awards ceremony. I was not sure what to expect to be honest, but did enjoy the event. The food was good (unless you went for the veggie option it would seem – my friend Neil got 1/3 of a spring roll for his starter and a childs portion of what looked like microwaved noodles while the rest of us got more Fish n Chips than we could finish – boy did he moan!) – what made it really was seeing all of these horror legends handing out the awards, and the absolute joy on the faces of many of the recipients.

After that….you guessed it. The afterparty! Actually I only stayed at the Stokers afterparty for a little while…a rival party in the hotel next door had more free booze. Sorry guys 🙂

So -hit the sack at about 5am, then got up and drove 180 miles home, ready to get up tomorrow morning at 4am and fly to Edinburgh for the day job.

The whole conference was inspiring. I met far too many great people to name, learned a hell of a lot and gave me new focus.

Shame next year’s can’t be in the UK as well. This weekend has been nothing short of amazing.


~ by graemereynolds on March 28, 2010.

2 Responses to “WHC 2010 – Day 3 Report”

  1. It was a great experiance. Learnt more in the three day period than I have in the last year of writing.

  2. Hey Graeme,
    I’m back from WA and catching up on blogs. You are quite the party animal, aren’t you? I was giggling through this entire thing. Did you really skip the Stoker party for the party with more booze? LOL. Sounds amazing. Glad you learned much and had fun.

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