The New Flesh – Year One

The guys at The New Flesh magazine have put together a free ebook containing their fifty favorite stories from their first year in business.

Contributing authors include the likes of Angel Zapata, Laura Eno, Michael A Kechula, Jodi MacArthur, Steve Lowe, AJ Brown, Robert C Eccles, Anne Marie Bogart, William Pauley and Brian Barnett. In other words, some of the best flash fiction horror authors around.

I have two stories in the collection – Fears of a Clown and Two’s Company.

Its a free download, so go get it and enjoy some bite sized stories that will make you laugh, shiver and possibly hurl.

Download it here


~ by graemereynolds on August 15, 2010.

2 Responses to “The New Flesh – Year One”

  1. Oh, my, I must have missed the hurling ones. Congrats Graeme and thanks for the plug. Long live The New Flesh!

    Been awhile, how are you?

    • Hey Jodi. Thanks for dropping by. I have been pretty busy of late. Between slogging away on the novel (31k words done) and training my demon chicken army i have not been very active on the net. Got a flash coming out on new flesh soon but not much else happening. Going to take a brief break from the novel soon to do a couple of flashes and maybe two shorts (i have a zombie santa story to finish before xmas).
      How about you? i saw your dead monster bug collection on your blog. I am amazed that every story you write does not involve huge spiders! ugh.

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