Coming Soon: It was a Dark and Stormy Night

I have a new story coming out in a few weeks, in an anthology by Pill Hill Press.

Its an anthology of comedy horror, where the central theme was to take overused horror themes and ideas, and then parody the hell out of them.

Check out the premise, table of contents and cover 🙂

I’ll post more information when it comes out. Quite looking forward to this one, I have to admit.

ClichĂ©s. As horror writers, we have all been warned to avoid them at all costs. Whether your character is trapped in a shack in the woods surrounded by zombies while his partner slowly deteriorates from the bite he got on the arm during their struggle out of the military camp where the virus started when a scientist knocked over a vial… Or your character is a vampire that is depressed about being alone for eternity, staring forlornly out of his castle window, sipping a virgin’s blood from a wine glass… Or a serial killer’s story told through first person point of view where we get to see into his sick mind as he hacks his teenage, female, prostitute cheerleader victims into bits, all the while thinking back on his abused childhood and how his druggy parents beat and raped him. You know, the usual. ClichĂ©s have been so widely used that even avoiding them has become a clichĂ© of its own. And don’t even get me started on the twist endings. It was all a dream, right?

Well, Pill Hill Press is giving you the chance to stab these clichés in the stomach and twist the blade. We want you to lay into them, really have fun with it. We are looking for comedic, slapstick stories that poke fun at these aphorisms; let out all that aggression you’ve built up as a horror writer working around these clichés. The more ridiculous, the better. Make me laugh. All horror fans have a natural sense of humor, so bring it out and have fun with this. Think Shaun of the Dead, Evil Dead 2, even Scary Movie.

We are not looking for cliché stories here; we are looking for funny-on-purpose parodies of them. That old zombie or vampire or werewolf story you haven’t been able to get published because it had overused themes won’t cut it.

Now…make me laugh, cackle, chuckle, giggle, and snort!

Table of Contents

The Return of the Revenge of the Curse of the Mummy’s Tomb by Gary Buettner

Flashlight: A Parody by Jeni Decker

Wasteload by Kevin Wallis

Don’t (My Buddy Benny) by M.S. Gardner

Leonard Has an Evening Out by Richard Jay Goldstein

Squawk at the Moon by Graeme Reynolds

Welcome to Deadtown by Joseph Zieja

The Terrifying Legend of Jim by Alva Roberts

Killer Interview by Chris Lewis Carter

White Light and Blue Glow by Lesley Conner

The Undead Pay the Bills by Kara Race-Moore


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