5 Star Reviews for High Moor

So far, there are two 5 star reviews on Amazon.com for High Moor.

A horror novel that stands apart from the crowd

I don’t consider myself a huge fan of horror novels per se, but I always appreciate good writing and well-crafted stories. Graeme Reynolds’ indie-published debut novel “High Moor” is a hit on both counts. Any good novel should immediately grab the reader and draw him in. “High Moor” does this, and at no time does the story let up. Once begun, it isn’t a novel you will easily put down.

This excellent werewolf story is very different from others this reader has encountered. Though not a YA novel as such, it features both young adult and adult characters, which should please both sets of readers. I will warn that strong–but always appropriate–language occurs throughout. Since the author is British, I also enjoyed that flavor to it.

Several things stand out in this novel. First are the wonderful descriptions. Reynolds has a straightforward writing style that’s never pretentious. He paints his scenes in perfect detail, without overdoing, and involves all of the reader’s senses. Second, the novel’s rich story line is sprinkled with wry humor and filled with surprises and suspense. Third, the characters are three-dimensional, and all of them engage the reader’s sympathies–even the bad guys.

My wife read the first five chapters and stopped there, not because she didn’t like it, but because it “creeped her out” too much. In truth, she loved the story–and the writing–and has recommended it to friends. That’s the best testimony any novel can receive.

Even if you aren’t a horror or werewolf fan, consider picking this novel up. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. “High Moor” demonstrates that indie publishing can truly shine and hold its own. I’m anxiously looking forward to the author’s next novel.

Disclaimer: I did receive a free review copy and know the author personally. However, my writer friends also know that I’m an honest reviewer and don’t give out glowing praise unless it’s truly deserved.


Graeme Reynolds is a genius!

Reynolds successfully combines the beast inside of every human with the wolf inside of werewolves. He might as well have called this novel “Interview With A Werewolf”, because it is THAT provocative of what it really is like to be a werewolf and to be seen as one. Kudos to Graeme for his EXCELLENT characterization. I’ve read this novel three times and each time I catch some new, subtle nuance that I missed before. Reynolds’ writing is so layered that this novel could be considered a 12 tier wedding cake!

Admittedly, these are from people I know that read the beta version of the book, but neither of them are given to exaggeration (although genius might be pushing it a bit), and I’m fairly sure that they both mean what they say. I know the second reviewer read the novel in a single sitting, although I had no idea that he’d gone back and read it another couple of times.

Want to judge for yourself? Check the book out by clicking on the Amazon or Goodreads links in the right hand sidebar.


~ by graemereynolds on November 18, 2011.

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