Two more fantastic reviews for High Moor

I’m going to do a proper blog post later on, but until I get around to it, I thought I’d share two new reviews of High Moor with you.

First off, there is This One on Its written by the lovely Darkeva, who also runs her own very successful book review site.

Secondly, I got an amazing review from Brett J Talley, author of the brilliant Cthulu mythos thriller “That which should not be.” That he would post a review like this when my book and his are competing for a Bram Stoker award shows just how classy a guy he is. This may very well be the best review I have had to date. Go check it out by following the link Clicky! and while you are at it, go check out Brett’s book, because its brilliant.

Finally, I had my first one star review. The reviewer stuck it up on Goodreads and all over Facebook, and at first I was a little shocked and upset by it. Then, thanks to the wonders of the internet, I did a little cyberstalking and discovered that the reviewer is very good friends with another author. One who’s book missed out on this years Stokers preliminary ballot by the narrowest of margins. Things started to fall into place, especially seeing as how the review went live within about an hour of the prelim ballot being announced.
I would hope that this is nothing more than a case of sour grapes by proxy, but there is also the possibility that the author of the other book may have put them up to it. Its sad really. Reviews like that say more about the person writing them, than the book they are about.

For the sake of balance, I’ll post it below.

Positives: Well edited.

Negatives: No depth of characterization at all. The plot is predictable and the action cliché. The narrative style is short, choppy, irritating sentences rather than a conventional paragraph style. Werewolves and the word fuck… sigh…

Summary: Dull, lifeless, and predictable. This is what the Stokers are serving up this year? Bram is rolling in his grave in my opinion…

Like I say, it seems pretty harsh at first, until you realise the context under which it was posted, at which point it seems a bit pathetic. Frankly, if one of my friends had written a review like that on my behalf, I’d be embarrassed.

Anyway, I’ll try and get the “proper” blog post sorted out this weekend, assuming I don’t have to spend the rest of the weekend digging the chickens out from snow drifts 🙂

~ by graemereynolds on February 4, 2012.

2 Responses to “Two more fantastic reviews for High Moor”

  1. Reviews are tough, aren’t they? When they’re good, they really make us feel good. When they’re bad, they really are a downer.

  2. It was only a downer until I realised what was going on. Then it just seemed a bit sad 🙂

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