Wolf Girls Blog Tour: From Idea to Book by Nu Yang

Today, we are joined by author Nu Yang as part of the Wolf Girl’s Anthology Blog Tour, where she talks about the creative process behind her excellent story “A Good Mate is Hard to Find.”

From Idea to Book by Nu Yang

“Where do you get your ideas?”

Probably the number one question writers get asked. Well, you’re about to find out.

When I sat down to brainstorm an idea for WOLF GIRLS, I knew I wanted it to be dark and horrifying. I mean, come on, an entire anthology about female werewolves—how kickass is that? It didn’t take long for me to start scribbling notes, and soon, my female werewolf Grace Santos came to life.

I love writing opening scenes and they usually come to me pretty quickly. Writing tip: Opening scenes should always set up a person/place/problem. Here, I had Grace walking alone in a park at night (a pretty straight-forward set-up for any horror story), but my twist was that she was the stalker. She’s looking for a mate, and in this case, it’s the serial killer on the loose. Yes, you caught me. My horror story is really a love story. A werewolf’s perfect mate is what else–a killer.

It was an idea I wanted to explore, and it certainly fit into the dark tone I wanted for the story. As you can see in my notes, the outline came to me easily, and I usually don’t like to outline. Having a word count helped because I knew that by this certain number, I had to hit this certain plot point.

But you can still see my scribbles.

One of my earlier ideas included Grace finding out the identity of the killer Jeremy after watching him abduct a girl, but it felt too cold and callous to just have her watch and not do anything. A critique partner who read the story also agreed. Instead, I had Grace’s wolf side find Jeremy by sniffing out his scent and tracking him down. It turned out much better.

I don’t want to give away too many story spoilers, but Grace does find the perfect mate, and it’s not who you expect—such is real life. Too bad about Jeremy, although I did enjoy writing their “break-up” scene. You’ll have to read the story to see for yourself.

Now that I have the actual book in my hands, it’s amazing to see an idea that formed in my head, scribbled down in a notebook and typed on my computer, end up in such a fine collection of stories.

And if you’re wondering about titles, sometimes they’re easy and sometimes they’re hard for me. For “A Good Mate is Hard to Find,” I was inspired by Flannery O’Connor’s short story “A Good Man is Hard to Find.”

Nu Yang is a resident of Southern California, where she is an associate editor. She is a 2006 graduate of the Odyssey Writing Workshop and a June 2009 graduate of the Writing Popular Fiction master’s program at Seton Hill University. Find her online at nuyangwriter.wordpress.com.

The Wolf Girls anthology is available now. Check it out at the link below. From the stories I’ve read so far, its a great addition to any werewolf fan’s bookshelf.

Wolf-Girls: Dark Tales of Teeth, Claws and Lycogyny


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