Everett Smiles – Review

18000404The earth, as we know it, is no more. Months ago the barriers between space and time broke down, and from the rifts emerged monstrosities that devoured everything in their path. Now, only one survivor remains, hiding out in a ruined department store with only a mannequin and the bloated corpse of a dead soldier for company.  Paige’s grip on reality is tenuous at best, with only the hope that she will somehow find her missing, five year old son keeping her alive. But as darkness approaches and her fires burn low, something shifts in the shadows, searching for her. Sheila is coming…

Everett Smiles is based on a short story by Neil Buchanan, and is the first audio story from Stormblade Productions, a new publishing house that aims to specialise in short horror stories in audio form.

The production values for this 45 minute tale are impressive. Haunting music and subtle background sound effects combine with the excellent narration from Carrie Buchanan, who really manages to portray the character of Paige well as she descends into madness in a hostile world.

Similarly, the story is excellent. The imagery is suitably grotesque, the monsters are hideous, and yet it manages to invest the listener in Paige’s character throughout as her mind begins to come apart. Despite the grim subject matter, there are touches of humour scattered throughout, largely due to Paige’s almost every day acceptance of the horrors around her, and her inner musings are moving, thoughtful and convincing.

Everett Smiles is a powerful, moving and utterly chilling piece of work, produced to the highest standards. Fans of apocalyptic horror will love it, and having the story done almost as a one person audio play adds an extra dimension that you simply would not get from reading alone.

Highly recommended.

Download it for only £0.89!


~ by graemereynolds on June 19, 2013.

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